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Find Aerials, Aircraft/Airports, Nature, Worldand Archival footage filmed on the ground, underwater & in the air.

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Aircraft Commercial, Corporate and Military Aircraft and Jets, Transports, Airport and Terminals, Runways, Control Towers, Airlines, Air-to-Air, Point-of-View from aircraft, Balloons, Banners, Blimps, Biplanes, Crashes, Tri-planes, Civil Aircraft, Single Engines, Twin Engines Gliders, , Flying Cars, Sailplanes, Soaring, Presidential Helicopter Marine 1, Air Force 1, Afterburners, Historic Aviation, Test Flights, Barnstormers and Air Shows, Funny flights, Wright Brothers, Lindbergh, Le Bourget Airport, Historic flights, Fire and Rescue, News Helicopters, Chuck Yaeger, Supersonic, Stealth, Business aboard aircraft , Space Shuttle launches and landings.

Industry Construction, Manufacturing Fishing, Shrimping, Medicine, Hospitals, Oil Platforms, Oil Derricks, Oil Pipelines,, Refineries, Water Purification, Nuclear Plants, Power Generating Plants, Dams, Power Lines, Wind Generators

Archival Footage Americana, Airlines, Dance, Cities, War, Depression era, Space Program, Desert Storm & Homecoming, September 11th (9/11) World Trade Center Terrorist Attack & Ground 0, Extensive (35mm) 1932 Around the World Collection of People and Architecture, Color 1944 WW II European Theatre Collection , Pilots & Historic flights (Wright Brothers, Lindbergh, Chuck Yaeger, Emilia Erhart). Industry, Inventors, Presidents, Nasa Space Program, Space exploration, Transportation and the Atomic Bomb, Hiroshima, Depression era America (Dust Bowl), 1960's New York City, Construction of the Hoover Dam - Panama Canal - Space Needle in Seattle. Mt. St. Helen's Eruption (negative accessible), Earth Views from Space.

International & World Asia (Japan, Singapore, China, Philippines,Vietnam, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Tibet, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal), Africa (South Africa, Nairobi, expeditions and caravans), South & Central American countries, (South America by Air™ including aerials in Boliva, Chile, Argentina, Patagonia, Brazil, Veneuzula, Ecudor, Peru ), Australia, Mideast (Turkey, Syria, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran), Russia , Europe (France, Belgium, Germany, Portugal , England, Ireland (Ireland by Air™), Czech, Spain, Italy (Italy byAir™) Budapest), Dominican Republic (Dominican Republic by Air™), Tahiti & much, much more


Animals & Insects Buffalo Stampede, Alligators, Bears, Elephants, Monkeys, Elk, Cows, Coyote, Butterflies, Leaf cutter ants, Mountain Goats, Yaks, Sloth's, Moose, Beaver, Koala Bears, Gila Monster, Roosters, Snakes, Sea Turtles, Tropical - Coral Reef Fish, Penguins, Manatees, Sharks, White Sharks,

Landmarks/Monuments/Historical Sites St. Louis Arch, Coney Island, Olympic Stadiums, Lincoln Memorial, White House, Korean War Memorial, Vietnam Memroial, Stone Mountain, Golden Gate Bridge, Arch De Triumph, Eiffel Tower, Gaudie Cathedral and Aprartments, Segovia Acqueduct and Castle, Trevi Fountain, The Collessium, Raffles Hotel , Mt Fuji, French Chateaus, Las Vegas attractions, Bonneville Salt Flats, Bodie Ghost Town, Hattaras Lighthouse, Devils Tower, Ellis Island, Great Salt Lake, Harpers Ferry, Mt. Rushmore, Niagara Falls, Old Faithful, Statue of Liberty, Wright Brothers Memorial , Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood Sign, World Trade Center & more


Beaches & Coastlines Atlantic, Pacific, Lakes, Raging Sea, Sea Birds, Barrier Islands, Beach Dunes, Capes, Harbors, Coastal Highways, Inlets, Lighthouses, Seaside Towns, Surfers, Tropical Islands, Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Turks, Coral Reefs, Water, Waves, Giant Waves, Wave Surfing, Wind Surfing, Primitive coastlines, Tropical and Caribbean Coastlines, Pebble Beach, Shark Attacks, Dolphins, Whales

Birds Eagles, Snow Geese, Sea Gulls, Racing B Pigeons, Pelicans, Egrets, Spoonbills, Blue Heron, Vultures, Ospreys, Parrots, Tucans, Flamingos & much more

U.S. National Parks, National Monuments, Nature & Wildlife Acadia, Adirondack Park, Appalachian Trail, Apostle Islands, Arches, Assateague Island, Badlands, Big Bend, Big Cypress, Big Thicket, Big Sur, Biscayne, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Black Hills, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Cape Cod, Cape Hattaras, Capitol Reef, Carlsbad Caverns, Chaco Canyon, Colorado, Congaree Swamp, Crater Lake, Craters of the Moon, Death Valley, Denali National Park and Preserve, Everglades, Glacier NP, Glacier Bay National Park and Preservem Glen Canyon, Grand Canyon, Great Basin, Grand Tetons, Great Smoky Mountains, Gulf Islands, Guadalupe Mountain, Hells Canyon, Kings Canyon, High Sierras, Isle Royale, Joshua Tree, Lake Meade, Mono Lake, Lake Powell, Lake Superior, Lassen Volcanic, Mesa Verde, Monument Valley, Mt. Baker, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Shasta, North Cascades, Olympic, Oregon Dunes, Pictured Rocks, Point Reyes, Redwoods, Rocky Mountains, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Sequoias, Shenandoah, Sawtooth, Saguaro, 10,000 Islands, Theodore Roosevelt, Voyageurs, White Mountains, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Zion


Bridges, Highways & Scenic Roads Interchanges, Interstate Highways, Freeways, Traffic jams, along America's back roads including the Pacific Northwest, Southwest & Historic Route 66. Golden Gate Bridge, George Washington Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, 7 mile Bridge & more

Native American & Ancient Sites Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, Chaco Canyon, Acoma Pueblo, Mounds, Monument Valley, Hopi Mesa , Shiprock, Intaglios, Mesa Verde and Ruins, Barubador, Jerusalem, Totems, Nacca Lines, Mayan Ruins, Aztec Ruins, Burial Mounds, Easter Island, Spider Rock, Hole in the Rock, Window Rock, Pertroglyphs, Delicate Arch, Taos, Teotiuacan, Palenque, Chiapas, Chichenitza, Weaving, cooking, dancing, drumming, POW wow, contemporary and archival footage


Clouds & Weather moving forward, sideward, under, over, & through, time-lapse, Fog, Thunderstorms, Lenticular Clouds, Time-lapse, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Weather simulations, lightning strikes, hail, blowing wind, floods


People in Business & at Play Businessmen at work, Children at Play, Grand parents, Families, Cultural costumes, dress & festivals

Cities Aerial and gournd establisning shots day and night, major cities, landmark architecture, small towns, rural and farm communities, Industrial Sites including: New York City, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Houston, Dallas, Washington D. C., Calgary, Montreal, Tampa, Memphis, Savanah, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Vancouver, Chicago, Milwaukee, Orlando, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Buffalo, Calgary, Las Vegas, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Lisbon, Sydney, Tokyo, Bankok, Manila, Osaka & much much more.


Rivers & Dams Columbia R., Colorado R., Mississippi R., Missouri R., Russian R., Snake R., Rio Grande R., Rainy R., Shenandoah R., New River R., Obed R., Suwanee R., Hoover Dam, Grand Coulee Dam, Glen Canyon Dam & more

Environment & Disasters Aqueducts, Avalanche, Nuclear Power Plants, Nuclear and hazardous materials, Clear Cuts, Logging and logging operations, Forest Fires, Fire Setting, Smog, Slash and Burn , Oil Spills, Gas Rationing, Drought, Dams, Flash Floods, Electric Cars, Dry Lakes, Erosion, Storms, Mining & Strip Mining, Mount St. Helen's eruption, volcanic eruptions, Old Growth Trees and Forests, Pollution, San Andreas Fault, Wind Turbines, Solar Power, Hiroshima Bomb, Environmental impact & much more


Sunrise & Sunsets Aerials, Time-Lapse Over Land and Sea

Sports Extreme Sports, Mountain Biking, Mountain Rock Climbing, World Cup Sailing, Skydiving Sky Surfing, Stunts and Free fall, Big Wave Surfing, Stretching, Jogging, Snorkeling & Diving, Wind Surfing, Sail Surfing, Tour De France Bicycle Racing, Formula One Car Racing, Stock Car Racing, Dune Buggies, Dressage, Outrigger Canoes, Farr 40 racing, Body boarding, Kite boarding, Camping, Sculling, Sport Flying, Athletic Women, Stadium Events, Golf and Golf Courses

Farms & Agriculture Farm Houses, farm animals, farm fields, Crops of all Kinds (sugarcane, cotton, wheat, oranges, corn, rice, soybeans, sunflowers, rye, grapes and vinyards, winemaking, ), Farm silos, Farm Equipment, Barns and irrigation, crop dusting, harvesting and primitive farming


Symbolic & Abstract Imagery Atmospherics, Reflections, Abstracts, Graphics, Natural Backgrounds and Textures, Star Fields, Animation, Simulations

Technology Chips, Satellites, Space, Cray Computers, Cell Phones, Weaponry and Missiles, High Tech Animation

Time-lapse Clouds, Moon, Sun, Stars, Aurora, Geysers, Traffic, Flowers, South West, Northwest, Alaska Landscapes, Boats, Planes, Cities

Forests Trees & Flowers Aspen Forests, Pine Forests, Evergreen Forests, Ancient and Old Growth Forests, Bristlecone Pine Forests, National Forests, Giant Sequoias, Joshua Tree Forest, Sugaro Cactus, Organpipe Cactus, Hummocks, Everglades, Groves, Bogs, Desiduous Tress, Fall Colors, Hardwood Forests, Rain Forest, Redwoods, Tress in Blossem , Wild Flowers, Hibiscus, Poppy, Tulips, Roses, Cactus Flowers, Sunflowers and more


Transportation Ships, Tanks, Aircraft, Trains, Trucks, Boats, Yachts, Rockets, Jets, Trams, Monorail, High Speed Train, Bullet Train, Steam Engine Trains, Freight Trains, Passenger Trains, Commuter Trains, Cruise Ships Cargo Ships, Cars, Motorcycles, Bicycles

Geological Formations & Landscapes Every geological land form found in North and South America including; Barrier Islands, Buttes, Canyons, Craters, Deltas, Rivers, Deserts, Faults, Forests, Geysers, Glaciers, Hot Springs, Islands, Keys, Lakes, Lava Beds, Mud Pots and Mineral Springs, Mountains, Oceanscapes, Plateaus, Prairies, Sand Dunes, Streams, Swamps, Everglades, Valleys, Volcanoes, Waterfalls


World Culture & Lifestyle Dance, Events, Ballet, Bicycling, Boats, Cowboys, Horse drawn Carriages, Antiques Cars, Castles, Dressage, Fairs, Food, Fireworks, Formal Gardens, Ghost Towns, Housing, Spa Massage, Motorcycle Gangs, Neon, Parades, Rituals, Architecture, Biarritz, France, South Beach, Florida, Cafes, Sculptures, Ships, Temples, Theater, Thoroughbred Horse Racing, Trains, Modern Architecture, Primitive Cultures

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