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The Robert Fulton Collection

Poet, filmmaker, philosopher, pilot, photographer, aerial cinematographer and friend.

Here you will find a mind expanding collection of motion pictures.




Photo by Edgar Boyles

   “The plane enlarges the present, especially when it is not demarcated by human activity. Human inactivity is a very great accomplishment when seen from the air. What humans have not done and left untouched borders on the miraculous. I am almost inspired to do less and call it a contribution. I am seeing too much to be able to ignore how wonderful it is that we have left alone enormous sections of the world.”

   “The way we travel over things is different from the way they are. The act of flying abstracts everything. It has the possibility of revealing the connective tissue of the landscape. Nothing ever looks the same twice, and the salient details leap out. The whole is compelling and I know I am seeing the rare and the unusual.”

Robert E Fulton III

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