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Charles de Gaule Airport (CDG) control tower, Paris Commercial Aircraft takeoffs, landings, POVs and in the air along with extensive footage of airport activity.
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Footage Sphere "Aerials Across America " - Two new royalty free collections containing superb aerial footage.
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America By Air® Stock Footage is the world's leading source for feature quality aerial footage shot on film, high definition and digital motion picture formats.

Landscapes, cities, nature, landmarks, structures, aircraft, even people from the air are just a few of our featured aerial categories.

It might surprise you that we also provide ground based imagery including footage from around the world.

Nature, transprotation, technology and world renown places people and things. Our collections include rare archival footage too!

Professional help in finding anything you need is available by phone, fax, email and even on this new site.

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"South America by Air™" - An extensive collection of aerials over South America - Pantagonia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Venezuela and much more.



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